1 Life Workplace Safety and Health Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Safety Consultant in Winnipeg, MB

“We recognize the value that 1Life Workplace Safety & Health Ltd. can bring our client’s business. Sound workplace safety and health practices will result in improved insurance rates, fewer claims, more profitability and a happier workforce.”


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1Life Workplace Safety & Health

Inspired by purpose, 1Life Workplace Safety & Health is a dedicated group of Safety Professionals, Software Programmers and support team who are passionate about supporting profit driven entrepreneurs with credible occupational safety and health risks, to ensure your workers return home safe at the end of every workday.


1Life Workplace Safety & Health offers services including: Safety Management System Development, maintaining and preparation for COR Certification and Workplace Audits and GAP Analysis.

We also offer Safety Consulting and Coaching with our Senior Safety Professionals, Live safety training courses, Respirator Fit Testing and Training and much more!

Did You Know..?

Currently, 1 business is prosecuted every 3 weeks in Manitoba? Many business owners get into trouble because they are not compliant with safety regulations. As a result, they often lose a lot of money, they lose important relationships, and their business doesn’t grow.

What’s Your Safety Profit Score?

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On-Line Training Customization

1Life Workplace Safety & Health also develops On-Line training programs specific to your company for topics such as Workplace Safety & Health Orientations for New and Returning Workers, Fall Protection Awareness / Refresher Training, WHMIS, Workplace Inspections and more!

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